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Tim Defleur
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I’m an industrial designer based in Lille – France. I’m specialized in furniture and product design.

I’m dividing my time between design pieces for editors using my own vocabulary and design thinking. I also work as freelance designer for many kind of project where I find an interest. I worked for 5 years as Alain Gilles’ assistant in Brussels – Belgium and decided to launch my own activity in 2019.

For me, design is about emphasizing and people is my best source of inspiration!


design studio



Meet and understand the subject through an analysis market, target, prices …

Create choices

Design as many solutions as needed to find the best one for the subject


Make the idea come true. Find an engineer, a manufacturer, lead the shooting and set design.

keep in touch

For any inquiries

Feel free to contact me about a new project, a question, a proposal ..

I love to discover new fields and I’m always excited with new experiences.

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Aside my work, I co-created Æquo with Arthur Lenglin and Benjamin Helle a design studio and maison d’edition anchored on the North of France.

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