I’m an industrial designer based in Lille – France. I’m specialized in furniture and product design.


Since 2020, I work for Aequo Design which I co-created with Arthur Lenglin. Aequo a creative studio that combines its skills in industrial design and applied arts as well as its knowledge of the territory to reply to different briefs.

Here, I post my personal projects which are sometimes reproducible at home : )


plans and instructions


Access plans and assembly instructions for objects in just a few clicks


Print the plans at scale 1 to make the objects yourself


Let’s do it : saw, drill, screw, customize … Now,  you are the craftsman!

You are not a handyman!?

Don’t panic, the provided files also include plans for professionals with digital cutting machines, a bit like bakeries or hairdressers, there is always a craftsman not far from your home!

keep in touch

For any inquiries

Feel free to contact me about a new project, a question, a proposal ..

I love to discover new fields and I’m always excited with new experiences.

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Aside my work, I co-created Aequo Design with Arthur Lenglin – a design studio based in the North of France.

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