Furniture Design


rocking stool 

for Aequo Edition

“La Houle et le Temps”  means “The Swell and the Time”. The project has been design for Aequo Edition, the aim is to tell stories of the northern region of France trough poetic objets.

Here the project refers to the west coast of the northern France and Dunkerque where you can be rocked by the swell and/or the festive atmosphere of the area.

“Caressées par la brise

Les plages en contrebas des dunes

L’ondulation des vagues

S’échouant sur le sable

Manège turbulent de force et de clémence

La mer du Nord encore véhicule

un sentiment ardent de réconfort.”


“Caressed by the breeze

The beaches below the dunes

Waves ripple

Falling on the sand

Turbulent ride of strength and clemency

The Mer du Nord still vehicles

a burning feeling of comfort.”

Powder coated steel, Vegetable dyeing linen


56 x 37 x 39 cm (L x w x h)


pictures ©StudioHelle

all rights reserved ©TimDefleur, 2019