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plywood CNC furniture range 

The spirit of the collection is to make something as simple as possible but still with a strong personality that you can easily set up or unbuild with no tools needed.

The range is composed by 3 different shapes of chair, a console and a coffee table.
All is made from a simple wood panels CNC milled. Then, the angles and the way that panels are made makes the stability of the seat, the table and the console.


The Seat is not a chair, neither a sofa. It’s an in between solution as an extra seat for the living room, a little seat in the entrance or again a reading seat… Some space is available next to the user when he’s sitting to put all of its stuff and even – for the extra side version – a computer.


The Console is made of 4 panels. It can be used against a wall or as a separation piece of furniture since it’s opened both sides. Dispose your belongings between the legs but also on the extra sides.

Cofee table

The Coffee table is divided 4 corners – according the way it’s built – you can settle as you want. On corner per function, per person or per kind of drink/food.

Poplar plywood (can be paint or varnish)


Chair 01 : 71x66x82 cm // seat height 36 cm


Chair 02 : 89x66x82 cm // seat height 36 cm


Chair 03 : 71x66x96 cm // seat height 36 cm


Kid Chair : 57x54x66 cm // seat height 29 cm


Table : 88x88x41 cm // plate height 35 cm


Console : 120x45x100 cm


pictures ©LaChouettePhotographie

set design ©NotreLoft

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