Product Design


wifi box system

for Orange 

  “On’Off” is a physical switch for the wireless network. It has been designed as a bell which traps the box and so the distribution of wifi for a while. It’s important to recreate an interaction between the user and the physical object in order to make the wifi more real via a daily ritual when going to sleep. Then, the user becomes an actor of the wireless network.
  The gesture mimics the one of candle damper and appeals to the collective memory to facilitate understanding. In terms of communication, the shape of On’Off is like the « ON / OFF » symbol we all know, in order to, once again, appeal to the subconscious and facilitate understanding.
  In terms of materials, the concept is treated like a piece of furniture more than an electrical appliance to make it more friendly and less technical. The wifi takes place on a cupboard or a shelf as a piece of art, an ornament or a table lamp for instance.

metal bell, felt coverd. Birch handle


20 x 8 cm (diameter x height)


2015, Finalist of Orange contest

pictures ©TimDefleur

all rights reserved ©TimDefleur, 2019