Furniture Design

The bench

handmade in Turkey

for OZA

The Bench is a modern vision of an ancestral know-how.

The design is a simple asymmetrical shape in order to highlight the braiding as its best. A colored fabric underlines the braiding – visible thanks to the transparency of the braiding, it creates a sophisticated and smart element which catches the eye – like colorful sockets slightly visible making someone more dandy than normal.
The side outgrowth allows the user to lay his keys, his mobile, his belongings or even a small table lamp.
The Bench is an honest and simple product which plays with subtle unexpected elements.
The result of a really nice collaboration with Oza Design which aims to highlight the ancient know-how and craftsmanship of Anatolia – Turkey.

Oak, rattan and non-woven fabric


125 x 42 x 39 cm (L x W x h)


pictures ©TimDefleur

all rights reserved ©TimDefleur, 2019